Alight: the new album “Spiral of silence” will be released on 27. April at El Puerto Records !!
Dark / Gothic Rock at its best!

Cover artwork, design and layout by DaNi Hofer / ARCHETYPE DESIGN

In the middle of the 90s, Gothic Metal reached its peak with legendary and unforgettable releases of TIAMAT, MOONSPELL, THERION as well as from the first “female fronted”-acts like THEATRE OF TRAGEDY and THE GATHERING. After the turn of the millenium, bands like NIGHTWISH, WITHIN TEMPTATION and EVANESCENCE developed the genre further and added their symphonic direction.

Impressed and influenced by both sides, Mirko Montresor from Bolzano, founded ALIGHT, after he made his first experiences with the melodic death/black metal band VOICES OF DECAY some years before. Mirko never set any stylistic boundaries, adding Electro and Industrial as well as Dark Wave parts to the melodic and dreamful sound of his brainchild ALIGHT.

After the first concerts, original singer Roberta Staccuneddu (ex-EVENFALL) got replaced by Mariangela Demurtas, who went to Norway in order to become the new TRISTANIA singer after one year with ALIGHT. A first contstancy came with entry of Sabina Spagnoli, with whom ALIGHT finaly entered the studio, to record their debut album “Don’t Fear The Revenge”, which was releaed in 2009 and included a guest appearance by THEATRE OF TRAGEDY vocalist Nell Sigland. Right after the release, ALIGHT played two European tours, alongside SAMSAS TRAUM and DORNENREICH as well as numerous single shows supporting a.o. SOULFLY, BLACK STONE CHERRY, DARKWELL and NOVEMBRE.

Although ALIGHT were on their way up, new line-up changes (guitar player Eddi Crocco and bassist Elena Donolato leaving the band) and work-related commitments set the band’s career back again, until their current members Roberto Sieff (guitar, since 2011), Monica Perulli (bass, since 2013) and Catia Borgogno (vocals, since 2016) entered the game, with whom the new songmaterial got completed. Now, ALIGHT are finally ready to strike and unleash their second record “Spiral Of Silence”, which will be released worldwide on their new label EL PUERTO RECORDS, on april 27, 2018. “I would say that “Spiral Of Silence” is the evolution of our first album. We have worked on many aspects by exploring new techniques, expanding our musical horizons and adapting them to our style. Even the sounds have evolved: thanks to technological progress we have found ways to make “Spiral of Silence” sound even more interesting than our previous album”, commented Mirko.

The band already put a lot of effort into the pre-production, which was handled by Waldemar Sorychta (MOONSPELL, TIAMAT, SAMAEL a.o.), who helped the band to improve the composition and arrangements. The twelve jewels got finally recorded and mixed by Marco Barusso (LACUNA COIL a.o.), and masted by Marco D’Agostino (LACUNA COIL a.o.).

Once again, ALIGHT are proud to annouce another prominent guest, which is Andrea Ferro of their fellow-countryman LACUNA COIL, who can be heared in “The Shame”. On top of this, some string parts were recorded by Giovanni Lanfranchi (CAYNE), adding an organic feeling towards the record.

For their first single “The Portal” the four members of ALIGHT produced an impressing video clip, along with well known Patric Ullaeus (IN FLAMES, DIMMU BORGIR a.o.). “It was an incredible experience, a dream come true! We wanted to focus on the band playing “live” while giving some hints about the lyrics. The opening scene (intro) and the final scene was shot in red square in Moscow, the rest of the video was shot in Gothenburg”, reveals the drummer.